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About Us

Five years ago, upon completing my Master's program in the UK, I relocated to Shanghai for work. It was during my time there that I was fortunate enough to reconnect with my childhood friend Alice, who extended an invitation to visit her hometown in Sichuan. As soon as we arrived in the countryside, we were immediately struck by the breathtaking natural beauty that enveloped us. During our visit, we chanced upon some exquisitely crafted bamboo and rattan woven items, which immediately captivated our attention.



We all have a deep appreciation for nature and a strong interest in eco-friendly, natural products. We're particularly fond of bamboo and rattan weaves, and even our cat has developed a liking for the woven rattan bed. Inspired by our shared passion, we've decided to launch a store that specializes in bamboo and rattan woven products, so that we can share these beautiful and functional items with a wider community.

We spent countless hours meticulously scouring for the finest quality and most aesthetically pleasing bamboo and rattan woven products available, conscientiously handpicking each item to ensure that it met our exacting standards of design and craftsmanship. Our curated selection comprised an array of products, including bamboo woven baskets, chairs, and lamps, as well as rattan woven tables, all of which were chosen for their beauty, practicality, and eco-friendliness.

After a great deal of time and effort, we are excited to announce the launch of our store, Zepboo. Our shop name was inspired by the Greek term "Zephyr" and the English word "bamboo." Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, represents a warm and refreshing breeze, while bamboo symbolizes the elegance, durability, and toughness that are synonymous with Asian culture.

The name of our store perfectly encapsulates the values and qualities that our products embody. Like Zephyr, our products provide a comfortable and welcoming experience while being elegant, sturdy, and eco-friendly, just like bamboo.

We have invested significant time and energy into sourcing top-quality bamboo products, conducting extensive research into the bamboo and rattan market and handicraft stores. Unfortunately, we found that most of the products available were mass-produced and lacked the unique handmade artistic quality we were seeking.

After much consideration, we decided to conduct field research in rural areas of Southern China, venturing into the mountainous regions of Sichuan and certain areas of Zhejiang to communicate with local artisans, learn their techniques and craftsmanship, and collect valuable information and products related to bamboo weaving and rattan weaving.

Despite encountering numerous difficulties and challenges, we discovered exceptional artisans and unique bamboo and rattan products during our expedition. Our perseverance paid off, and we successfully located some of the highest quality and most distinctive bamboo weaving products that fully embody the quality and values we strive for. This was the key to establishing the "Zepboo" store.

As the founder of Zepboo, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these remarkable individuals, learn from their wisdom and creativity, and share their vision with the world. Our journey was filled with trials and tribulations, but also with elation and serendipity.

Our store offers a diverse range of bamboo and rattan products, such as baskets, chairs, lamps, and tables, each product meticulously selected. We hope that through our store, we can bring these exquisite bamboo and rattan products to more people and enable more individuals to appreciate the allure of bamboo and rattan weaving.

During our search for bamboo weaving products, we not only discovered the wonderful beauty of this traditional craft, but also learned about the harsh reality that some girls in impoverished areas are unable to receive a complete education. This deeply moved us, and we understand the importance of education in changing one's destiny, which is also the foundation of our success in the big city today. Therefore, we have decided to donate a certain amount of money each year in the name of our store to support girls' education in impoverished areas. We believe that education can change one's destiny, and we hope that through this small act, more girls can have the opportunity to receive education, realize their self-worth, and escape poverty.

As a business, we also have a responsibility to raise awareness and attention to public welfare, and bring more hope to girls in impoverished areas. Therefore, we will continue to sell high-quality bamboo weaving products while advocating for public welfare actions and attracting more attention and support. We believe that by working together and contributing to public welfare, we can make the world a better place.