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Shipping Policy

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Just wanted to let you know that all the awesome products on our website come with free shipping. Yay! 


Shipping Time


We want to give you a heads up that most of our bamboo and rattan products are handmade and shipped from their places of origin. So it might take a little while for your order to arrive. 

Process the order:  Approximately 2-5 business days

The standard shipping time: estimated to be around 30-60 business days

Some customized products shipping time: May require 40-80 business days.


Therefore, the overall shipping duration can be expected as follows:

Standard shipping: 32-65 business days

Customized product shipping: 42-85 business days.

Please note that these are general estimates and actual shipping times may vary depending on factors such as location, customs clearance, and unforeseen circumstances. We prioritize ensuring the timely and secure delivery of your order and will do our utmost to keep you informed about any potential delays or updates throughout the shipping process.

Peak logistics and transportation periods

Please be aware that during holidays (such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.), logistics updates may be slower, and shipping times may be extended by 1-2 weeks. This is a normal phenomenon, and we appreciate your patience.

Peak periods shipping: 40-80 business days

Peak periods includes: March-April, November-January

Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Reminder

During the Chinese Lunar New Year period, there may be delays in the shipment schedule due to the holiday, especially in the two weeks leading up to and following the Chinese New Year's Eve. For specific information on the extent of the delays, please contact customer service: Customers willing to wait will be offered additional discounts as a token of appreciation for their patience and understanding. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


Shipping Method


All our products are shipped directly from China with FREE shipping. We take pride in delivering high-quality products from our manufacturing facilities in China to customers worldwide. Our efficient shipping process ensures that your order is carefully packaged and promptly dispatched from China.

We work with several courier companies. We will select the most suitable shipping method for you based on your country. 

We offer standard shipping options, including land and sea transportation. If you require air freight for your order, kindly reach out to our customer service email before placing your order. Our team will assist you in arranging the necessary arrangements and providing you with the relevant information regarding air shipping options.

Please be aware that sometimes light fixtures may be shipped in two or more separate packages. This is due to the fragile nature of the products, and many light fixtures are oversized, subject to strict size regulations by logistics companies. We will choose the most suitable packaging and shipping method based on the size, quantity, and logistics requirements of the light fixtures. Before shipment, we will inform you of the number of packages and provide corresponding tracking numbers to ensure that you receive the items intact.

We cannot guarantee that the light fixtures you ordered will be shipped in a single package. As mentioned earlier, this depends on the size and quantity of the fixtures. In summary, our efforts are dedicated to ensuring the safe and complete delivery of your items.


Tax Policy


At Zepboo, we prioritize your shopping experience and strive to ensure the smooth delivery of your orders.

Express delivery may incur customs duty and customs clearance costs are borne by the customer.

Please note that customs duties and taxes may vary depending on the destination country or market. These charges are determined by the respective customs authorities and are beyond our control. 

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding customs duties or taxes, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary information to ensure a seamless shopping and delivery process.

Thank you for choosing Zepboo. We are dedicated to delivering your orders with efficiency and transparency.


Overdue Parcel Retrieval Policy


1. Retrieval Notification: Upon the arrival of a parcel in certain countries, particularly in Europe, the parcel is typically held at the local post office. The postal service will promptly notify the recipient to collect the parcel. Customers are requested to check the logistics information of their parcels at any time, as well as pay attention to the pick-up calls/text messages from the local post office. Failure to collect the parcel within the specified timeframe may result in the parcel being returned to the sender.

2. Responsibility and Charges: Any issues and associated costs arising from the failure to collect the parcel in a timely manner, including but not limited to parcel return and overdue charges, will be the responsibility of the customer. This includes the shipping charges and import duties incurred upon the return to China.

3. Freight and Duties: On the basis of above situation, Customers are required to bear the freight charges associated with parcel return and the import duties incurred upon return to China. Should a customer choose to have the parcel returned and re-shipped, they will be separately responsible for any freight charges and duties associated with both the return and the re-shipping.

4. Non-Reshipment: In the event of choosing not to re-ship, Zepboo will deduct all applicable freight charges and duties incurred from the returned goods and refund the remaining amount to the customer.

This policy ensures the timely retrieval of parcels while outlining the responsibilities and associated costs of failure to collect within the stipulated period. Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We appreciate your understanding and support.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our super helpful customer service team at Thanks for supporting our small business, and we really appreciate your patience while your order makes its way to you.